POLL: Should A School Teacher Be Fired For Throwing US Flag On Ground And Stomping On It?

An Illinois town is in an uproar after a teacher allegedly stomped on a flag in front of his students.
Two parents of children at Martinsville High School were on “Fox and Friends” this morning to discuss the ordeal.
Gina Gibson said that the unnamed teacher was using the American flag as a pointer in the classroom, even though students objected to the flag being used in that manner.
She said the students cautioned the teacher not to let Old Glory touch the floor, and that’s when he stomped on the flag, telling his students that it was his right to do so.

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Gibson said that some students – her son included – were sent to the office to be given detention for refusing to lift their heads off of their desks following the teacher’s actions.
“It’s just a horrible thing to happen in small town USA,” Gibson said. “We live in a small community to avoid these type of issues.”

Parent Daniel Truelove said that he supports the school’s administration, but he is protesting that someone stepped on the flag “on [his] dime.”
The teacher has been suspended through the end of the year, but Gibson said that she believes he should lose his job.

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76 thoughts on “POLL: Should A School Teacher Be Fired For Throwing US Flag On Ground And Stomping On It?

  1. Teacher should be fired. That is horrible that these kids will carry this memory around for the rest of their lives.

    1. Absolutely, fire the teacher.Also,he punished the kids for exhibiting their objections(Free speech) by putting their heads on their desks thus denying them the very same Free Speech right he was claiming to have.
      Typical liberal behavior acceptance until someone disagrees with their liberal position.

    2. Yes, for his Ignorance. College bred, he knew better. A teacher, not setting a good example for students in school on school time. A personal demostration, not on his agenda for teaching in class. Evidently he does not demonstrate common sense around children. Would not want him teaching my child. Bad manners also.

    3. I remember when I was in grade school. And they would let the students raise the flag. And take down and fold it. I all ways felt proud of that when I got to do it. He should not only be fired but should be hung from a flag pole.

  2. Yes, That Teacher needs to Go!!!! That is what is wrong with this country too many have No Respect! If You Respect Your Country and Flag You Would Never Desecrate it!!!

    Kuddos to those Students who knew it was Wrong and their Parents for Teaching them Respect…

  3. NO, I do not think she/ he should be fired but instead be made to make a verbal statement to the public as to why she/he did as he did and to define what that flag means to them. And to define what that flag means to those who may oppose what he/she did. So that those whom he /she influenced can make a determination for themselves. I personally find this offensive. I hold it right up there with the teacher displaying leud and crude acts that are socially displeasing in sight of their students. For to me to stomp on the symbol of this country that men and women have died for is as leud and crude as it gets.

    1. Yes.. she should. She is supposed to instill patriotism in our schools, not anarchy. FIRE THE AMERICA HATING TEACHER sorry TEACHERS DO NOT HAVE THE RIGHT TO TEACH CHILDREN TO DISRESPECT OUR FLAG. WHAT THEY DO ON THEIR OWN TIME IS THEIR RIGHT. BUT NOT INFRONT OF CHILDREN WHO TOLD HIM NOT TO DISRESPECT THE FLAG BY LETTING IT TOUCH THE GROUND.. he is a bad teacher.. a bad teacher who is trying to teach his children to disrespect our American Flag and in so doings so Disrespect our Laws and our Country.

    2. Yes.. she should. She is supposed to instill patriotism in our schools, not anarchy. FIRE THE AMERICA HATING TEACHER sorry TEACHERS DO NOT HAVE THE RIGHT TO TEACH CHILDREN TO DISRESPECT OUR FLAG. WHAT THEY DO ON THEIR OWN TIME IS THEIR RIGHT. BUT NOT INFRONT OF CHILDREN WHO TOLD HIM NOT TO DISRESPECT THE FLAG BY LETTING IT TOUCH THE GROUND.. he is a bad teacher.. a bad teacher who is trying to teach his children to disrespect our American Flag and in so doings so Disrespect our Laws and our Country. is it posted?

    3. I would not want someone like that teaching my child. How can you say no to firing? Regardless it being crude & keud act of any kind should not be shaping the minds of the youth today! The teacher should never have done this in the first place this has been ecthed into there young minds already regardless of having him give any kind of verbal statement.

    4. As a veteran that I defended the stars and stripes said teacher should be not only fired but executed as well people like me and many others gave all Americans right to freedom but that does not include desecrating the American flag not only is it disrespectful but shows your not truly American by any means and should be executed

    1. I think that the Teacher should be wrote up and told that if there is such a opposition to this Country that you should pack your things and leave the school and that it will not be tolerated in a instateution and the Childeran should not be subjected to that kind of actions in school.

  4. I am a veteran. To have a teacher in our school system to walk on the American flag in front of students, and the men and women who died, and have served protecting the rights and freedooms for all American citizens is a despicable. Fire that P0S.

  5. Title 18 U.S. Code § 700 – Desecration of the flag of the United States: (a)
    (1) Whoever knowingly mutilates, defaces, physically defiles, burns, maintains on the floor or ground, or tramples upon any flag of the United States shall be fined under this title or imprisoned for not more than one year, or both.

    1. In 1990, the Supreme Court of the United States struck down that law in a 5-4 decision as unconstitutional.

      “If there is a bedrock principle underlying the First Amendment, it is that the Government may not prohibit the expression of an idea simply because society finds the idea itself offensive or disagreeable,” wrote Justice William Brennan for the majority.

      The case remains controversial to the present day, and Congress has, as recently as 2006 (when George W. Bush was president and the Democrats ruled both houses of Congress), attempted to amend the Constitution to prohibit flag desecration, with the effort failing by one vote in the Senate.

      1. If on the street doing well I don’t know (as a Vet I’m sure I know what I would do after seeing Brother killed an maim fighting for the country this flag represents Anyway she is being paid to teach not protest that means she/he should be fired

      2. But He is a teacher and has no right Pushing his agenda on our children.. what he does on his own time is his.. but when he is with the Children he has no right pushing his anti-American issues on the Children.

      3. Richard Cole – Thanks for the update on the Supreme Court decision about flag desecration; that one vote in the Senate and one vote on the Supreme Court provide the perfect example of why this 2016 election is so critical: our votes will determine if we will be ruled by laws or by whims, by Congress or by un-elected government appointees who display the same attitude toward the Constitution as this teacher had for the flag.

      4. Well they need to keep trying to get that one vote!
        Another point: Is ROTC, CAP, NAVY CADETS still in our schools? If not, the schools need to bring them back—these organizations teach pride in our country and flags. Strong patriotic Americans! Sadly, this is what we are lacking because mainily, not getting it at home!!

  6. She has First Amendment rights just like everyone else; HOWEVER, she is also a role model for those she teaches and has an obligation not to model disrespectful behavior. She should be summarily fired for demonstrating poor judgment and failing to serve as a good role model for her students!

  7. ABSOLUTELY!!! This is NOT what we want to teach our children! Teachers are role models, they re supposed to be a positive influence, not giving the impression that it’s okay to disrespect the symbol of our country. I surely wouldn’t want her teaching this to MY children! If she wants to act like a THUG, let’s treat her as such!

  8. Let that ” teacher ” go to a muslim American hating country, fire that bitch and send his ass out of Our Country, why the hell didn’t someone get up and beat that anti-Americans ass for him?

  9. Acts agains the Country and the Flag.. people should be arrested charged with Misdemeanor treason and made to do Community service for 3 months..

  10. School should trash her the way she’s trashed the flag. That’s going to look real good on your resume, twit. These are the kind of people teaching your kids. Pay attention and make it stop, people.

  11. He should be fired and deported to Mexico. Since he doesn’t respect the flag, he should not live on this land.

  12. The teacher has the right to stomp on the teacher’s flag , not the school’s •

    The law struck down 5-4 was a criminal statute •

    Firing the teacher would be a civil action •

  13. As a veteran I am angered at his display of disrespect for our flag. On the other hand as a veteran I understand he has the right to freedom of speech and sadly this action is protected by our laws as decided by the Supreme Court. However, in my opinion he as a teacher has no right to display or push his personal beliefs onto the students. His “demonstration” was done on school(and tax payer’s) time and should be punished accordingly. If I had a child there I would personally ask for his firing for poor judgement and character display.

    1. Seriously?? What is wrong with our crazy country. I dare to VOTE NO. Because of crazy wacko’s like you!!! It’s a piece of material!!! And I don’t trust anyone on FOX T.V. Conservative nuts!! Lowlife, lying, selfish, cheating, racists, misogynist scum of the world.

      1. Sue: You need to volunteer for service in the Marines, Navy, Airforce, or Army during wartime then come back and see if your attitude has changed. If not…..get the hell out of MY country you treasonous ass.

  14. Wow….the teacher’s(?) position should be lost. However, I support Freedom of Speech and I agree that he has a ‘right’ to show his disdain for the flag that protects his right to do so. I will not give him the courtesy and respect that he thinks he is entitled to. I will not give him any attention.

  15. Absolutely, if some individuals are terminated for a comment posted, surely disgracing their countries flag is much more of a disgrace. Can her ass and let every employer know exactly you why she was fired, so she remains unemployed.

  16. Before firing here she should be drug tested,all teachers in all States should be tested. They have your children most of the day and parents don’t care. We test truck drivers, policemen, and most professions but not teachers what’s up America.

  17. The replacement teacher should have the class read “Man without a Country” by Edward Everette Hale. Yes he should be fired for his demonstration at work. There is no freedom of speech in the workplace.

  18. I believe that he can do iton his dime on his time, NOT as a teaching tool. He can talk about theaction in clacc, but I don’t think he should do it in his capacity as a public servant. BTW, someone slipped a 48 star flag into the news clip. Not wrong, just interesting.

  19. The teacher should be fired for doing it on school property. I would want the teacher fired for also disrespecting the flag period I don’t know if that would be legal.

  20. Teacher should be fired and not aloud to teach in the US this is not how we teach our children. Our founding fathers did not teach this way. If anyone doesn’t like this country then leave. We can’t be a great country with ppl like that teaching our children.

  21. I truly believe that, “A government OF THE PEOPLE, BY THE PEOPLE, AND FOR THE PEOPLE,” Should be dug up from the unconsecrated ground in which it was buried and reestablished. That the Bill Of Rights needs to be explained and spoken by every politician, publicly before they run for any government position. Everyone that swears to uphold the Constitution and doesn’t MUST be incarcerated,.

  22. Why does this teacher say it’s HIS right to do this, yet takes away his students rights of putting their heads down on their desks and refusing to look at what he’s doing? He sent them to detention for not watching. It’s the old liberal double standard. These “educators” claim to be enlightened, yet don’t recognize the irony of their ignorance.

  23. what is wrong with people ? Coming from a military family and living in various parts of the world – America is the greatest country. sure it has its issues, nothing is perfect. but to have the hatred to disgrace and stomp on the American flag ? this teacher should not only be fired but sent to live in Cuba, N. Korea or any other country that does not respect our American flag.

  24. Well she should be fired and what about the over payed football players I think they should be fired to. Same treatment for all. They disrespected the flag as well. Even though they did not step on it they still disrespected the flag and all those young people the seen what they are doing.

  25. We have no tolerance for anyone who disrespects our flag. If they don’t like it, leave. Maybe there’s a better country out there.

  26. When I was in SERE, one of the things that were thought to be degrading was to order candidates to wipe their ass with an American flag kept in the prison camp interrogation room for just such a purpose.

    SERE was very intense, the majority failing the course. To the best of my knowledge, there was no recycling, no do over. You could quit at any time without reason or be dropped at any time for any sign of weakness but you could not repeat the training

    One day during interrogation and slight torture, two interrogators ordered me to do it and I did. The normally stern cadres were visibly shocked and asked why I had done it. I responded that it was only a piece of cloth, that the principles that give it life cannot be diminished by anything I do as an individual.

    Our flag stands for our Constitution, what we’re made of, and our national commitment to the principles our Constitution embody. Burning our flag does not tarnish The United States of America or its Constitution, but does diminish the one(s) who burn and defile it.

    Stop expressing such a high order of indignity over the actions of those who protest against the land that protects and provides for them in so many ways, and they will fade away dejected. If you demonstrate outrage, you will only embolden and encourage them to a higher degree of contemptuous disrespect not only for our national values, but for our people as well with tragic results.

    I graduated First Enlisted In Class from SERE. Ignore the defiling of our flag as a valueless act. but do not allow the enemies of our country to destroy it or us from without or within. Shelter it, protect it and be prepared to die for it as so many have historically done. Long live the Republic and its Republicans, and God bless the Christian United States of America.

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