LIVE POLL: Should Black Lives Matter Now Be Considered As A Domestic Terror Organization?

Black Lives Matter and other anti-American groups began rioting in Oakland, California when word got out that Donald Trump had won the election.

The domestic terrorists can be heard yelling “Not my president” in videos uploaded to social media.

Reports of cars being lit on fire and store windows being broken began circulating on the net soon after election results were announced.

BLM and SJWs have another thing coming if they think that will fly when Trump is sworn in. He’ll make short shrift of these terrorists!

Riot away, your time is coming to an end!

153 thoughts on “LIVE POLL: Should Black Lives Matter Now Be Considered As A Domestic Terror Organization?

    1. Government threatens everyone, steals property, and throws people in cages for victimless “crimes”,… wouldn’t they qualify as terrorists too?

      1. Shooting a police officer is not a victimless crime. Carrying STP is not a victimless crime. Robbing a gun in order to use it for felonious purposes is not a victimless crime. So, are you too stupid to realize the import of these things or are you a leftist troll siding with criminals to destroy America?

          1. Yes they should be treated as terrorists because it’s what they are,it’s past time to put a stop to all this,and concentrate on what really matters, getting the other terrorists out of our country ie: muslims in case everyone has forgotten about them. That’s where the real danger lies.

        1. What about the KKK first Declare that the KKK are terrorists and have always been terrorist hiding behind Christianity first then I can guarantee you’ll never hear anything about the black lives matter movement again.

          1. The KKK and BLM should be listed as terrorist groups. The KKK hasn’t been relevant for years. They might be a few ppl that meet in their basements and occasionally come out, but they are nothing like they once was. People have evolved and realized they are nothing but pure hate. BLM is the current group that is destroying property and people have gotten hurt in the name of BLM. Everyone says BLM doesn’t stand for violence/destruction, and if that is true, they sure are not condemning the ones committing it.

          2. Abdul; have you takin your medication? Really? How can you make such an ignorant statement? Even if you were the leader of BLM (assuming you are not), what assurance or guarantee could you give the American people, that this terrorist group wouldn’t show up anytime or anywhere else in America in the future?

        2. BLM, is a response to 500 years of terrorism by the true terroist “white bigotry and racist priviledge”. BLM is a revolutionary counter response to you diane as well as your trashey allies

        3. Lmbao. Stupid America white people are hated around the world including Europe and much of white America. Go back to fort Walmart.

        4. Have you never heard of the holocaust? In Germany, they came first for the Communists, And I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a Communist; And then they came for the trade unionists, And I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a trade unionist; And then they came for the Jews, And I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a Jew; And then . . . they came for me

      2. No.. when 99% of people are put in jail it’s their fault.. Government doesn’t steal, unless it’s a democrat government.. so move on.. with your whining.

        1. The government does steal. They have since the beginning. We all know how they stole the land from Native Americans. Now they steal land from American’s and claim they are turning it into Federal Parks. Bureau of Land Management (BLM) is currently trying to steal land in Texas from people who have owned their farms for generations. If you research you will see most of the western states are owned by the government. It might actually surprise you with what you find out.

      3. Mike – Being that you’re not sure if police are terrorists, where do you get your definition of domestic terrorist?

      4. You can’t be serious? That is called Tyranny!!! BLM are citizens, not elected officials and YES they are terrorizing everyone based on race…They should be treated no different than the Ranchers at the Malheur Refuge in Oregon, shot on sight and to those that surrender, put in prison with no due process rights!!! Or is it a big NO from Liberals because the Ranchers were white Conservatives so it was okay to execute them even though they never harmed anyone? But BLM has killed, many LEO and beat whites half to death. Yeah the so predictable liberal double standards that President Trump will never pander to like Obama.

        1. Hey fellow human beings please allow me just a few words and thoughts that we all need to seriously stop slow every thing down and reason with, Ok to start with I’ve been just sitting back and reading everybody’s comments and replies trying to get a feel on the issues before I respond to them and I want to let everyone know up front that I am neither Dem or Rep or conservative minded as I once was so I feel and hope and pray that I can be an unbiased and hopefully helpful element to this conversation and please be as opened minded as you can and see the message with in the message and I am grateful for your time. So with that being said, during this discussion I saw the same pattern as every other discussion on this same issue, it leads off with the lead post and then is followed by the first comment and then the proverbial snow ball begins and always ends with no progress being made and everyone walking away frustrated and not gaining any thing useful so let’s try to break this cycle with a recent quote from Panthers QB Cam Newton. ” one eighth of an inch beneath our skin we are the same “. With that being said I have served my country and my community as an Airborne 11- bravo, a law enforcement officer, and a firefighter and I have shared my canteen with my brothers of every color and never had a second thought about it we have literally put our lives in each other’s hands again without a second thought, does this make us above everyone else No just the opposite it Humbles us and keeps us Human plain and simple, but the most important thing it does is it unifies us and that my friends is what the current administration and their establishment fear most, Ok just to hold everybody’s interest This dog and pony show election that has every American citizen doing exactly what y’all are doing on this post, IT IS DIVIDING US !!! And that my friends is playing right into their hands, they know that unified as one people of every color their hidden agenda will fail miserably. Another point BLM is no more than paid mercenaries being funded by George Soros just to create civil unrest in order to promote and give reason for Obama to implement marshal law. Point and Case the riots that occurred in Charlotte NC after the Keith Scott shooting 42 out of the 44 arrested were from out of state and when questioned they didn’t even know who Keith Scott was, these individuals were bused into this city to do as much physical damage as they could PERIOD!!! Folks we have all been made victims of the ole Bait and Swich for many years now to them we are insignificant we are simply there sorce of power and money. So please listen and research what I am about to share with you. This election was simply irrelevant and yes I did just say that LOL why ? Because Obama is still president till the first of the year and there in lies Pandora’s box, a lot of people do not take the fact that Obama is the only potus to hold a seat on the UN council while serving his term and the the importance of it , please research this point and the significance of it, trust me it will affect all of us in the coming months, our very way of life depends on our vigilance and taking note of what is behind the smoke and mirrors act and watch that left hand and where it’s going while the right is in your face. Case and point while the Brothers and Sisters in Blue were being murdered on the streets of Dallas that faithful night make no mistake these individuals were not your run of the mill street thugs doing the shooting these people were trained and they’re were three different individuals located in three different positions of that area , after replaying the video over several times I distinctly heard three records of rifle fire from three different locations at different rates of fire this was not a typical spray and pray that you hit something drive by. So back to point while all of this was going on Obama used the distraction to yet again write in another executive order pertaining to the implementation of Marshal Law so now he only has to have three things to do this, His own signature, The Signature of Loretta Lynch and a REASON. So hopefully you now see the real significance of these riots that are popping up all over and they will continue and definitely get worse. The thing here is Obama and Hillary have this divide and conquer mentality and have had it since day one they could care less about Dems or Rep it’s all about the establishment money and power. If Hillary would have won she would have continued to do Obamas bidding and now that Trump has won all Obama has to do is declare Martial Law and he will get his third term that he himself said he wanted. Now for those of you who don’t understand what Martial Law will mean for us deplorable infidels we’ll allow me to share. Obama will have total control over every aspect of our lives, he will control our sea ports , our air space, food logistics, water supply, the ability to kick in our doors and take anything they deem necessary to protect national security, if you resist you can be emprisoned or simply executed on spot. Research it . And I certainly hope that this ain’t no shocker, By his own statement Obama is first and foremost a Muslim he has stated on many occasions while speaking in front of an all Muslim audience that he was one of you and if the politics gets bad he will stand with the Muslim brotherhood that’s fact. Ok the meat and potatoes simplified, Obama and the global elite have successfully divided us as a nation and we have made easy for them, their hope is that we will bring civil war among ourselves killing and taking from each other and when it’s all over and we are at our weakest then UN soldiers will come in and mop up what is left and nonconformist will be executed and everyone else will be placed in FEMA camps, y’all do remember I stated earlier that Obama currently holds a UN council seat, just checking LOL so when you have been forcibly removed from your home what do you think is coming next ? Well remember all the unvetted refugees that have been allowed to simply walk into this country and given benefits that veterans living on our streets can’t get themselves well their simply going to move in those very homes you just got thrown out of and that’s fact look at what has happened in the UK they made the fatal mistake of opening their borders to millions of Muslims and they went into townships forced citizens out of their homes beat and raped and pillaged declared sharia law and made the township a No Go Zone the police or the military is not allowed to go their , research it, and the only reason this hasn’t happened here yet is our 2nd Amendment. And yes this has been an incredibly long post but I don’t apologize for it whether you choose to read it or not is your choice but if I can give just one person enough information to research this and prepare them for what is about to come down on all of us then mission accomplished . Here are some topics that you need to research and give you some validity to this novel I just wrote LOL look up FEMA camps, FEMA coffins, wal-mart tunnels, Jade Helm , Obama Martial Law. And look up why has the DHS has purchased millions of rounds of Hollow Point ammunition who are these body bullets for. Ok friends believe it or not there’s so much more to be said, but we would be here all night. So I leave you with this be vigilant about your surroundings know when to put your BS filter on , and last but not least people of all skin color have to UNIFY to save what is left of our humanity in this world or our freedom and way of life will become extinct. ADVERSITY BUILDS UNITY BUT ITS UP TO US TO LET IT !!!

      5. If everyone would obey the law,there would be no reason for this.I didn’t see this kind of nonsense when I drove through the south in the early 60’s. The only fires were bomb fires in the middle of the street.

        1. Well Bev, the early 60’s was before President L B Johnson came up with the GREAT SOCIETY. You know, the deal to give people money, homes, food, clothes etc, TO DO NOTHING. Except to have babies. Lots of babies. Since the early 60’s the family has gone to hell. It is a shame but it is a fact. Now instead of being tired from work and going home to rest. We have paid terrorists roaming the streets terrorizing, looting and burning. Yep, BLACK LIES MURAUDERS ARE TERRORISTS.

      6. I don’t know what country you are living in, but you can’t compare domestic terrorism to the police . We are a country of laws. If you obey the laws that were written to protect honest, hard working citizens then you will live a happy productive life. If you go along in life creating your own laws and think that the world ? owes you a living then perhaps this country is not for you. Find another country that will give its people so much freedom to express themselves.

      7. MIKE……… if you work hard at it……. you might come up with something more stupid to say than what you said. But you will have to work really hard to come up with it.

    2. THEY ARE TERRORIST!! I say make them work and pay for their CRIMES for every building they destroyed … send them back to AFRICA..never let them back in our country.

      1. I hope you realize whites in Ca are now a minority. They have already petitioned to succeed with the money behind them to do so. They are the largest economy in this country and without them and Oregon and Washington, we could be in a world of hurt! So, watch what you say about them as it could come back to bite you in the ass along with the rest of the country. I am rooting for them. Go! Western States! Go!Never bow down to Fascism, dictators, or Nazis! It is almost worth moving back as they at least have my Kaiser and good health care. And, I can always retake the family cabin.

        1. uh the country would get along fine without the western states that are in a terrible amount of by democrats. they are a huge welfare nation over there and if it does leave…then conservatives would be able to run the USA forever so go ahead

          1. While the western states DID support Cankles in the recent election, to say that they are dummycrats would be inaccurate. Yes, the urban areas are overrun by the socialist sheeple, but the broad rural areas of both Oregon and Washington are mostly conservative. For that matter, I know a fair number of people down in the California People’s Republic that are surrounded by the Lunatic Libtards.Having lived all over the NW, I would say that there are more Conservatives than dummycrats. They just sit huddled in the cities and the rest of us are out working and taking care of our families. The dummycrats who happen to be in power now, DO NOT speak for ALL of us!

        2. You are right. The conservative part of the state has all the water for the liberal part. We could actually put a gypsy curse on them. “Shrivel”

        3. are you white or black, i can’t really tell, sounds like your sticking up for the blacks to invade the whites and kill and burn and loot? if so go join them and i hope you all get what you deserve. if i am reading this wrong i apologize.

        4. That will not last for long they can not produce the food to feed themselves.BLM is terrorist as soon as they turned violent in a protest over thugs……… LOCK & LOAD let them come.

        5. California could not survive without the money they get on the DC… Check your cats before you spew your crap… So, since northern California want become separate state from southern California.. They should allowed.. Don’t you think..?

          1. NELL KAZUB, I was just a youngster back in 1860’s, but i seem to remember when several states decided that they didn’t want to be part of the United States. Worked out real well for them didn’t it.
            How ever. In the case of California………. imagine how much money the United States would save if we didn’t have to put up with the sub-humans in California.

        6. No state can secede without Congressional approval, although it might be worth it to get rid of Pelosi. As for Oregon and Washington, they haven’t threatened to leave. We took Obama’s election and lived with it for 8 years. The least anyone can do is accept the results and see what happens.

      2. Fuck all you crackers. As soon a the KKK are disband and or all put in jail then you can call someone else terrorist. Name a fuckin crime BLM has committed that justifies a terrorist lable. They haven’t lynched and looted white towns. They’ve never blew up 4 innocent white girls in a church. They’ve never drug a white boy behind a truck for whistling at a black lady. BLM has never stop white kids from integrating into an all black school. BLM don’t ride around with black power flags showing there racial pride. BLM dont hide behind no fuckin bed sheets burning crosses in white people yards. Not one BLM member has ever killed a white man simply because they were white. All yall can eat a fat dick. Fuck outta here with this bullshit… You muthafuckas are lucky black people are only looking for equality and not revenge.

        1. You didn’t live through any of that! I can read history books too. When was the last time KKK burned a cross in your front yard. Quit making excuses for what you and other blacks are doing. No single white person that is a alive today bought blacks from blacks for slaves. Your own people where who sold you out so get a life quit looking for someone to blame so you don’t have to accept that if your life sucks it’s because your too busy looking for who to blame instead of putting all that effort into improving your own life.

      3. First of all, I’m sure most of them were born here in America- most of the families have been here well over 300yrs, how long have your people been in America. BTM were not the ones rioting, that goes against all they stand for- they’re trying to stop violence against themselves and others by the govt. by expressing their 1st amendment rights- unlike some of you who skip the 1st. and go to the 2nd without a pause.

      4. Send them back to Africa, now that’s funny. Be interesting to see how many voluntary starters there would be if getting back to their real roots was on offer.

    3. this should be considered a hate crime, why is this ok and ignored , seems like other lives dont matter anymore, they have these people on video, clearly threatening white people, and what they are going to do, burning down businesses, do you hear if anything is really being done,but sylville smith family have 2 go me funds, collecting money, and posted that the officer who shot this young thug, shot him in the back 3 times, left to die, plus they said he had no gun, this is bull, i hope the evidence comes out soon, because the family is inciting riots over falve information

      1. Doris were are these BLM people when blacks kill blacks.It seems they only come out of the woodwork when a copper kills a black,who was armed with a gun,a knife or some other instrument that could cause death or injury…and wouldn’t drop what he was carrying,upon the command of a police officer…You don’t see any other ethnic group riot as BLM do…

        1. Why would blacks kill blacks be a response unless you’re an ignorant person who doesn’t give a fuck that a group of people are being killed unjustly. White people kill white people too. What does that matter?? Asinine. BLM is a peaceful group. But y’all good with the kkk.

    4. They’re not just attacking whites they’re attacking blacks too and anyone else who gets in the way. They’re being bused in to riot and create chaos. They don’t care who gets in the way. All funded by none other than George Soros.

      1. My opium, is if they are warned to go home, and then if they have anything to cause damage to someone’s property or something to injure someone then shoot them

      2. All of this has been approved by the Muslim who lives in Our White House. He has been waiting for this scenario so he can declare MARTIAL LAW!

        1. Exactly, we can’t be baited into retaliating against these mindless soros soldiers. Leave that to the police. If we get involved before inauguration day and martial law is called remember that the standing president at that time stays in power until martial law is lifted, I would pretty much guarantee that it won’t be lifted and then will have the dictatorship that we all do not want except for these mindless idiots!

      3. Maybe when TRUMP becomes president,America can do as Mr. Putin of Russia did….Issue a warrant for Soros,alive or dead….Soros has breathed Gods clean air to long,time to cut it short…

      4. Why isn’t Soros in prison already? When Trump is President in January, I hope he and Putin will deal with Soros right away. The guy is evil and uses his money to hurt people and destabilize nations. Together, they can unravel his sinister network and neuter this monster.

      5. yes i read where george soros and obama would incite riots so badly that obama would declare martial law and keep trump out of the white house. what he doesn’t realize is then it will start a different kind of riot.

    5. Were the Klu Klux Klan terrorists when they lynched people and destroyed property? Or is it only white people that count?

    6. If A white person threatens a black person it is racism. However, when a black person threatens a white person it is alright. Not in my eyes it isn’t. It is call reversed racism.

      1. There is no such thing as reverse racism. Racism is the belief that one race is superior to another race. Ignorance is such a problem in our country. WTF are people learning in school and at home for that matter. There are white people in the BLM marches just like the civil rights movement. Please educate yourselves better.

  1. So typical trash your city ……two black officers tell a black young man to put down his gone and he refuses , what did you think was going to happen, just like brown, he brought his own death on himself.

  2. No Niger lives don’t matter they still,kill,low life thugs so fuck them look what they are doing so why should they matter they start everything then when one gets killed they yell racism. Let me tell those niggars one thing white people was slaves before they were so quit yelling racism!!!!

    1. John, I think what BLM is doing is wrong… But your post does not help. I equate you with THEM. Take this filth down. Delete it. You are not a Trump supporter. I do not accept your crummy language.

      1. Yay, Aaron! I totally agree. The problem is that the majority of blacks are not creating, supporting or condoning the terrorist acts of the group, yet they are being lumped in with them. The premise is good but the methodology is bad. The people who are rioting under the guise of BLM are just thugs and are taking advantage of the situation. They are just proving the point that they are supposedly trying to refute. The whole situation makes me angry.

    2. John. Honestly I hope your knowledge of enslavement is better than that. Servitude is different than chattel slavery of Black folk. Education is key.

  3. Look its is genetics, think not? Look at how they act in Africa. Look how they are acting here. 300 years of being civilized has not broken the genetic code of use it up and move on.

    Look back to the riots in the mid 1960’s 1970’s and on up. things have not changed, here it is called GHETTO culture.

    In the 1960’s we listened to Chuck Berry, Fats Domino, The Fifth Dimension many many more MOTOWN groups. Now look. Just saying 13% of citizens are of black descent. How much longer is America to allow this shit for 13%?

    1. I wonder how many riots were started at the Rock n’ Roll shows while Fats Domino, Chuck Berry, Little Richard, Jerry Lee Lewis and other artists performed. Look up the theater photos of chairs being thrown at some. I’m sure the people of color today, aren’t all pleased with the rioting of today, burning down businesses in the neighborhood.

  4. From the beginning. But… Obama invited them to the White House… told ’em what a good job they were doing. Who is he the President of anyway?

    1. Obama is our Muslim president- he was raised during his formative years as a Muslim in Indonesia. He is anti-American and pro-Muslim and was put it by George Soros and other globalization wealthy elites to take America down to it’s knees!????

      1. this is so true i just read this morning google it Soros and Obama destroying americal it will tell you how they are doing it and why. and yes soros is the leader obama just owes him so he does what he tells him to do. hillary joined too.

    2. Bill, he is the President of Chaos! Plan and simple. He thrived on it. He will do anything to promote this type of America, the Muslims also believe in the chaos system. I’m just saying he has done everything in his power to make sure it continues after he’s out of office. Like paying people to pay people to cause fights and cause disruption. It’s proven. Same things the Muslim people do. Oh wait, now I get it.

      1. They ALL need to be eliminated NOW…I don’t care if he’s only got so many more days of POTUS, he and Soros can still do a lot of damage to this country…..they need to be eliminated NOW!!!

  5. BLM are just as much terrorist as teh Black Panthers, SBLA, Bill Ayers, they destroy property, want White People killed, burn our cities. Thus they should damn well be treated as such along with their rouge billionaire financier, George Soros the Nazi Collaborator.

  6. Black lives matter was not present there. The riots broke out hours after the shooting accured. There isn’t even a Milwaukee division of black lives matter. Stop associating black lives matter with every riot or public outlash by the black minority. Last i heard black lives matter hosted a BBQ inviting all colors including blue lives to create dialog to find peace and justice. The media didn’t run that. But they would use their name to implicate their involvement in a riot they were not present.

    1. terrorist
      Someone who uses violence, mayhem, and destruction — or the threat of those things — to coerce people or countries into taking a certain action is a terrorist. A terrorist may be motivated by religious fervor, politics, or just plain old-fashioned greed.

    2. Originally they were a good organization. Now they have been infiltrated with horrible people and it’s giving it a bad name. Among those are the filthy, foul mouthed, race baiting idiot Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson. All they do is promote hate and racism. They egg it on.

      Too bad they don’t have a method of cleansing the organization of those who are using it to their advantage (aka – looting or revenge) and rid it of leaders that no one has respect for….like Sharpton for sure.

  7. ABSOLUTELY! They perfectly fit the description of Terrorists. Terrorism: noun
    the use of violence and threats to intimidate or coerce, especially for political purposes.
    the state of fear and submission produced by terrorism or terrorization.
    a terroristic method of governing or of resisting a government.

    1. Why aren’t they being stopped? They need to be shot down like the animals they are. This is ridiculous. All because a thug got killed. His time was coming anyway. They just want an excuse! That’s all. They need to be sent back to africa!

      1. A Smith. Sent back to Africa? First Africa is a continent not a country. Secondly how can they be sent back to Africa? Born and raised in America. How dumb can people be? C’mon.

  8. yes they should be considered a terrorist group! they are specifically going after a certain group, if they were going after muslims, this wouldn’t be a question, they would ALREADY have been considered a terrorist group but because they are after white people we have to take polls…this isn’t about normal black people, this is about BLM TERRORIST GROUP, PEOPLE NEED TO KEEP THAT STRAIT!!!

  9. It would be totally awesome for these scum to come here in the north country of Ny…. They wouldn’t know what hit them… Nothing better than live moving targets… A bunch of ignorant fucks that aren’t smart enough to realize that whites outnumber them near 100 to 1 or better…. I’m getting hard just thinking about it…

  10. Blacks will never be charged with a hate crime as long as the racist Barry Soetoro is in office with his racist Attorney General Loretta Lynch. If Whites were doing this to Blacks, just imagine the storm we would be seeing. These pieces of crap in Black Lies Matter want nothing less than a race war and our Marxist govt wants to give it to them. Divide and conquer. Meanwhile, Whites are getting brutalized. When will we have had enough? If we defend ourselves everytime this happens, I guarantee these thugs would run with their tails between their legs. Pussies, every last one of them.

  11. I say,they want a war,lets give it to them,I’ll stack those bastards like cord lives matter my ass..beat em like you own them..

  12. These people do not represent the African people and their beautiful culture…These are obama’s creation; a political rampage for political unrest. These are his children acting out his hatred for America. Blacks and whites must band together for a common cause towards an errand of mercy for America. The Freedom of Lawlessness is growing rapidly. It was Hitler that use his own people to spread rampage in order to gain control and spread fear in his country. The UN-NWO is using a racial culture to rampage an entire world for the same reason. Both have the same goal and that is to rise in power. Obamas early release program and it’s timing needs to be addressed. Obama has studied Hitler .Who were the brown shirts and what did they do?
    SA. SA, abbreviation of Sturmabteilung (German: “Assault Division”), byname Storm Troopers or Brownshirts, German Sturmtruppen or Braunhemden, Nazi Storm Troopers Bettmann/Corbisin the German Nazi Party,.. A Para-military Organization whose methods of violent intimidation played a key role in Adolf Hitler’s rise to power..

  13. Black Lives Matter is the new face the Black Panthers. Both of which, by definition alone, are an extremist organization. They are also a hate group committing hate crimes against a specific group of people which makes them terrorists equivalent to ISIS and they should be treated accordingly. Has anybody ever gone to the shooting range and set up peppermint candies on a toothpick to see if you could shoot the candy off the toothpick? Let one of them try beat on this ole’ white boy. I’ll put a bullet in every black person within range and cry like a baby. “They was all tryin’ to kill me.”

    1. Not all black people are bad, agreed. But, just like in Iraq. I’m not going take the time to shake your hand and ask if a person friend or foe. If you’re black and don’t want to be shot with a group of BLM or BP members, there are two things you have to do. 1) Don’t be around when the shooting starts. 2) Get those niggaz to stop acting like niggaz.

  14. This is what happens when they get everything for free food housing even medical I have alot of black friends who decent humane beings and these lowlifes make them sick as much much as me

    1. Dominick. thing is whites are the ones on welfare the most. Your ignorance is shameful. The blame black people for all our problems is old and tired. GTFOH.

  15. Black LIES matters is a terrorist organization funded by the democrats to stay in control of the low iq people. They look for some animals and paid them to riot to suit their narrative when is the black people going to wake up.

  16. I think doing so will help bring about the insurrection that is coming. So, should it or not? Meh, I don’t try to tell the government what it should do because I don’t believe the government should exist.

  17. BLM should be designated a terrorist organization and George Soros should be arrested for financing a terrorist organization and his assets seized so he cannot do more harm to the world.

  18. I can’t stand Chris Cuomo or Anderson Cooper. The whole CNN Bunch is the same as all they do is try to put bad spin on things. Cooper and Cuomo should be fired. They are trouble. All news people keep. Stoking the fire. I am furious about how u people do your jobs you are not reporting you are forecasting and 2nd guessing. 99% of the rioters are just worried about their disability checks for their 12 kids. The rest are little girls who are just mad a woman didn’t get in. All I can say is God Bless America and can anyone tell me which of the celebrity have left yet

  19. People wake the hell up and do your homework BLM is funded by George Soros these people are being paid to do this!!! It’s all bull shit. The socialist elite that are pissed off that they didn’t get their Patsy in office ! So they use Saul Alinski tactics read (rules for radicals) to try and devide along racial, economical, lines to create kaos. Don’t play into the NWO plan!

  20. If Obama was any kind of President he would stand up to this BS and talk them down. Instead, at every opportunity he has inspired them, by promoting the hate. However, even though most know this and most despise his ways, how many times have you heard “not my President” about Hussein Barrack Obama coming from any of these people, I know, not once!! Because we are Americans and we stick together no matter what. And now, you guys are tearing it down and destroying peace

    1. Obama had a unique opportunity to heal racial division. Instead he chose to ignite racial animus. He freed terrorist and brought terrorist and terrorist sympathizers into the White House. He waged a not so secret war against traditional American values. His administration turned the Justice Dept. upside down. Clearly, he wanted to punish America by introducing queer theory, removing Bibles from our soldiers, forcing Catholic Hospitals, Nuns and Priest to indirectly fund abortions, attacking free speech, gun rights, property rights and other civil liberties. His hatred/revenge for imagined sins of European History and Colonialism fueled his mission to colonize America with tens/hundreds of thousands of third world immigrants–some known terrorist. Even bringing deadly and contagious diseases into the country rather than treating them outside our borders. Obama does NOT love this country. He loves the country he wants us to become once we are sufficiently punished and humiliated. He lost an opportunity to confront the violence in the inner cities and deal with the root causes of poverty.
      Black Lives Matter, Acorn and groups like them are the legacy of hate Obama is leaving Americans. Trump is the adult and the antidote to the damaged and raging child leaving the White House in January.

      1. Jeannette you have done your homework. Very intelligent response. Glad to see that some people on here have common sense and intelligence.

  21. Of course it is, anytime you threaten or destroy someone/something just because you don’t get your way is a problem, no matter the color or ethnicity

  22. You are quick to use the term anti-american about Americans that are protesting the loss of their freedoms. Maybe you assholes that are taking them away are the anti-Americans.

  23. Most definitely, we have put up enough with people that don’t get their way and riot and destroy other people’s property. We need to put a stop to this now. They should be punished. Let’s start with Al Sharpen.

  24. It always has been considered a Terrorist Organization! The Race Baiting Media and President Obama just refuses to call them that. Just like the Media and President Obama refuses to say Radical Islamic Terrorist when it comes to ISIS and and Terrorist attack that is carried out in their name.

  25. The mindset of it is OK when one of a race kills another of the same race with out the same out rage but when it is in self defense stemming from home invasion, robbery, or any other atrocity perpetrated upon another which diminishes ones right to peacefully live and or cause death, injury, theft, property damage and so forth is the mindset of a true hypocrite. Out right one sided out rage of racism of ones own. It is a selective choice to say like a petulant child, it can not mine/our fault, I/we did not do it, then the tempertantrum when they can not accept that it is and they did.

  26. For years African Americans have considered the KKK a terrorist group. They have tried to disbanded it. They day it is a prejudice group. They have to go into hiding. But, you never see them doing all of the rioting and looting that the BLM is doing. I don’t agree with either group at all, due to not being a prejudice person. However, what’s good for the goose is good for the gander. All of this rioting crap needs to stop. They are acting like 2 year olds throwing a temper tantrum because they didn’t get a toy or a piece of candy from Walmart. It’s very idiotic, and our forefathers would be very disappointed.

    1. LaDonna. Black folk not trying to disband the kkk. And the kkk terrorize blacks. Jews. Gays. Etc. Anybody who is not Aryan. You ignorant to even say the kkk is considered a terrorist group. Wow. At least know what you talking about before you say/write it.

  27. Black Lives Matter does not act with the goal to destroy America. When black people were first enslaved and brought to this country, their culture and livelihood was ripped away from them. Ever since then, they have been struggling to maintain any semblance of authority over their own lives. If you keep beating down people who have no power, the only thing they can do is come together as a community. Some extreme people may be starting riots, but that could be said about any movement or group anywhere. (KKK much?) Please don’t look at this one isolated event as the standard because there are many people out there that just want to advocate for greater compassion. Black people are people too and everyone’s voice and problems deserve to be heard.

    1. The driving force behind BLM is funded by George Soros who wishes to dismantle America as we know it. Do your research on this and then come back with what you know. It’s a shame so many people do not have a clue as to what is truly going on in this nation.

  28. Charge Soros as a terrorist, seize his property in the US to pay for all damages. All the little paid street protestors should be arrested, if on welfare it should be recinded, any in college on student loans they should lose the loans, and aliens should be deported immediately. Problem solved.

  29. HOW STUPID ARE YOU. Do they go into people’s home and rip them from their beds and burn them? Do they hold mass meetings and burn white men? Do they enforce that whites walk in the street? Do they think you should drink out of an opposite water fountain? No. shut up and don’t you dare compare them because I and 5000 other people I know will come at your ass and educate you because you know nothing. I don’t agree with violence but there is always extremists in each group and the WHOLE kkk group is extremists. The KKK went around killing people, holding lynch mobs, stoning individuals or burning them for things as simple as a black man looking at their wife. Do you realize how stupid you sound. The exact moment you said a group that wants equality is the same as a racial hate group that murders individuals you became the lowest type of person with 0 intelligence.

  30. TITLE 28–JUDICIAL ADMINISTRATION CHAPTER I–DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE Under current United States law, set forth in the [ 2001 ] USA PATRIOT Act, acts of Domestic Terrorism are those which: “(A) involve acts dangerous to human life, that are a violation of the criminal laws of the United States or of any State; (B) appear to be intended (i) to intimidate or coerce a civilian population; (ii) to influence the policy of a government by intimidation or coercion; or (iii) to affect the conduct of a government by mass destruction, assassination, or kidnapping; and (C) occur primarily within the territorial JURISDICTION of the United States.”[3]

  31. ter·ror·ism
    the use of violence and intimidation in the pursuit of political aims.

    This is the classic definition of terrorism. Therefore, there is no other way to define what these people are doing. They ARE domestic terrorists.

  32. No it should not because they whites & their police who continually murder defenseless black people in cold blood isn’t going to stop with or when the evil trump & pence get officially into office so the whites are the domestic terrorist!

  33. The issue that I see here is that ALL lives matter. All this “movement” is doing is to stir up hatred and bitterness. Why can we not all work at being loving toward one another and giving that a try for a change? I realize that BLM started due to a policeman or two shooting someone who didn’t have guns. The police have suffered horribly. Plus, they’ve been retrained. Your point was made and the situation was fixed. Try peace and giving of yourself to your neighbor instead of stealing, lying and killing to have your own way.

  34. If this was the KKK it wouldn’t be tolerated. Why should we tolerate it because it is BLM? It isn’t about colors but about being an AMERICAN. ALL lives matter and all deserve safety in their own country!

    1. Iris Ing. BLM people are Americans. The whole point of BLM IS THAT ALL LIVES SHOULD MATTER. What is not understood? However you/We should see people as people and not devalue there lives because they are black. “HANDS UP DONT SHOOT”

  35. With regard to “the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances,” they seem to have glossed over the “peaceably” part.

  36. FROM a Canadian Point of View! BOTH “BLACK LIES MATTER” and “RADICAL ISLAM” are Terrorist Groups. Time to Crackdown on Both and HARD. NO EXCEPTIONS.

    Calgary, Canada

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