LIVE POLL: Does Trump Still Have Your Support After His “Hot Mic” Comments?

[VOTE BELOW] “Donald Trump bragged in vulgar terms about kissing, groping and trying to have sex with women during a 2005 conversation caught on a hot microphone — saying that “when you’re a star, they let you do it” — according to a video obtained by The Washington Post.”

The audio was just released — 48 hours before his next debate with Hillary Clinton. Talk about an October surprise.

Trump immediately issued a statement after the bombshell release with an apology:

After reading or listening to his comments, will it change anything about your support for Trump?

Vote below and let’s send a message right now.


111 thoughts on “LIVE POLL: Does Trump Still Have Your Support After His “Hot Mic” Comments?

    1. Hillary is treasonous, she will be jailed. In the debate, she often uses the WOMAN and CHILDREN as the tactic to protect her wrongdoings. It is the HUMAN SHIELD TACTIC of Vietcong in the Vietnam war. Obama also used the RACIAL SHIELD in the election 2008, so the Republic candidate debated and to be considered as racist.

    2. I will always support Trump for I have been around brothers and others who talk locker room. I am stunned about the remark that he was stalker because of his height. Listen Lady reporter my brothers,father-in-law,uncles and grandson are over six foot tall you need to say I am sorry to the mothers,grandmothers of young men that are over six foot.Also I am not even five feet tall so all you all did was make people sick of you. Leave Mr. Trump along we need him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    3. I agree, I think the Democrats lowest moment was when Hillary somehow managd to beat out Bernie Sanders.the ONLY hope the Dems had against Trump. This is my first time I’m voting Republican and i am in this ALL THE WAY!

  1. Too me actions speak louder than words. Hillarys actions are criminal. Trumps words were offensive. Thats a big damn difference. Trump/Pence 2016!

    1. My feelings are same as Jodie’s….Trump has a big mouth& his mouth has got him in trouble…but u tell me have men in this world don’t say stuff like that all the time..Men has & always will say derogatory remarks about women & vice versa bc that the nature of life. But ppl can change believe that Trump has changed in this election. Jesus was mock bc he done healings & brought a man back to life, but at the end he came out on top. The Americans are supporting Trump bc what says will get done. Hillary Clinton should have been put in prison for what she did to our country & her husband should have been impeached lying on national TV, he didn’t have sexual relations with his intern& he did…. Why are they condemning Trump? At least he apologized, Hillary just laughed.Im sorry Hillary has played that Women card to long just shut up!! Trump tell her to kiss ur assets… What ppl don’t realize is she is using the American ppl to get her way & when she gets in office u thinks she’s mean now she is a fake of mean. U can look at her & tell that. And where in the world did she pickup her first VP. He looks like a sore tail cat& a dog chasing him..lmao. ..Trump supporters doesn’t it look obvious that this particular audio comes out right b4 the election in Nov. The Devil is wearing Prada & she has a fake grin. Trump put the wall up. Trump Trump Trump got get them.

    2. I’ve decided long ago my vote is for Mr. Trump. No way would I ever vote for the corrupt, murdering liar Clinton. What he said is nothing compared to what Bill Clinton did while he was President or what she did.

  2. I used to bartend, what comes out of people’s mouths, during private conversations, is no ones business. Billy bush, Jebbies nephew, probably laughed, and added his two cents.

    1. The 2005 tape recording of DJT and BB was like listening to a couple Hard Rock Stars on their bus going to their next gig, and bragging about their sexual exploits with band Groupies.

      They were not referring to normal American Women.

    2. He did but on the video most saw it was edited out. Twitter had the entire thing last night. Ole Billy Boy was just as bad

  3. I care more about what Hillary has done than some macho stupid comment Donald made in a private conversation, yes, it shows he is like most men when they are alone, braggadocios…but no one died, as he surrounds himself with honest people instead of yes men. Close our borders, support our troops and make sure everyone who comes into America is vetted and assimilates

  4. Donald I don’t care what you did in the past. What I care about is what you are going to do in the future. Please stick to the facts and the problems that our country is facing.

    1. please donald shoot whoever you want women kids black mexicans handicaps poor people veterans who where capture all who will not follow you put us all in the gas chamber cause you will have to kill me to vote for someone like hitler but who will be more powerful and hatred toward everyone yeah you to nazis he hate you your handicap fat ass wife your broke asses soon after he put a wall up for mexico hell put one up for white useless shits like you so he figure away to save money no welfare no disability no ssi put a wall up feed us bread and water until we starve and put us in gas chamber get rid off all the useless yeah lets do it donald make america great again you wont get my vote to kill me but you got votes from alot of idiots that dont know you have gas chambers waiting for them.finally the antichrist is here.AMEN

      1. You’re the only one that has sworn, shamed, called names, spoke of others with disdain and been downright disrespectful of everyone on this thread. The only one hateful here… is you! You are entitled to your opinion just as everyone else… but you are a great poster child for Hillary! (and her tactics).

      2. You seem to be quite a troubled person. There are treatments for this type of disorder. I would suggest that you seek professional help for this……soon!

  5. Donald Trump is my choice for president because no matter what the democrats come up with, it can’t possibly be worse that Clinton prostituting her political influence to countries shouting “death to America”, and lying about putting our national security at risk.


  6. I am a woman and understand that men talk trash about women sometimes. In fact I think it helps them let off steam around each other because I believe men bond in completely different ways than woman do. I CARE about the fact that he apologized and it not only sounded sincere which I have rarely gotten from other men, but he also credited the American people through his travels with changing him. He also has committed to being a better man which I also have not heard from many men.

    1. Jinger, excellent. Send your comment to Donald Trump. He has a contact page. Google ‘contact donald trump’. I also contacted Mike Pence asking him to consider his apology. You are so right. Trump is a better man today after going around the country meeting the people face to face.

    2. I agree with you I myself have said things that I don’t want people to know, he has apologized lets move on. He was not in office working in government when he made the comments 11 years ago, and Hillary has done much worse things when she was in government office she let 4 Americans die the is worse then any thing he may have said. As for Paul Ryan and the GOP he don’t need them they never did any to help him any way, he is better off with out there support . All men and women have made a sexual comments.

    3. Jon, I totally agree with you!!!!!all you have to do is listen to videos on you tube of liberals the way they treat there people who work for them……HRC and BC are vicious the way they talk to their staff male, female white and black….etc

  7. 20 years ago after a long drawn out bitter divorce, I was desperately lonely and having no luck at all dating. I asked a close friend about his secret to dating because he seemed to always have success getting the girls.
    He told me that when you meet a girl, if it seems like she might be interested, just grab her and kiss her. If she recoils, apologise effusely but if she doesn’t it’s on and you are good to go … “do what you like”. Basically, this is exactly what Trump said but using more actual “guy talk”.
    About a week later, I spied a real honey and when our eyes locked the attraction was clearly mutual. I started up a conversation and about 7 minutes into it, I just grabbed her, pulled her in and kissed her. That kiss was mutual and probably the best of my life. We made a date for that evening. Half an hour into that date, I pulled her in again, gave her a long passionate kiss and then grabbed her pussy!
    We have been together ever since and will be celebrating 20 years together this year.
    Get over it people. This is what normal men and women do. This is how normal people actually talk. This is how we perpetuate the human species.
    Hypocritical Hillary, is this really all you got?

  8. Pretty upset with his words…granted. Any man I know in the privacy of other men have done the same. I am scared that his words are far more debilitating to the country than the global attempt to undermine the US. There are issues out there far beyond our comprehension…and it’s being overlooked. I pray so much for the country I love.

  9. was a long time ago. ridiculous!!! He has changed and matured in 12 years. Look at Killery and Billy Boy. they are still at it and would ruin us for sure.!! I will still vote trump- has more comman sense!!

  10. I know Trump will not take my freedoms away. Everyone has their moments behind closed doors when they make remarks not intended for the public. Trump for POTUS

  11. I t have to make a comment here about Donald Trump. I listened to the news last night and heard the video of he and Billy Bush which happened more than a decade ago. He was a businessman at the time, not running for President. President Clinton did much worse as he actually acted on it; So did President Lyndon Johnson and so did President Kennedy which we all know so well as books are still written about them on it – AND THEY WERE PRESIDENT AT THE TIME! (if you want to go farther, FDR had a mistress for most of the time he was President). As a woman, I live in the real world and realize all to well how businessmen, as well as blue collar workers talk among themselves. (women don’t hear them because it’s ‘playboy talk’) It’s just being a man – they don’t talk that way in front of women and I know Trump respects women very much. Also, think about this….he probably never knew he was on video (anyway, the video only showed him coming out of the bus) and I am positive he never knew he was being recorded. Think about this….why would anyone do that to him, keep those recordings and video’s all these years? He was a billionaire back then, and someone just set him up to use at a later date…like now. I also listened carefully and when the worst part of the conversation was said and bleeped out, it didn’t even sound like Trump’s voice….could it have been added in there to make it sound like him????? It sure does not change my vote and support for Donald Trump….he loves this country and wants to make it better, safer and respected by other countries and will make it stronger. That recording/video was a mud sling from Hillary as she only knows dirt and has nothing good to run on for herself. My opinion of Donald Trump has not changed one bit. He still has my vote!!! He was a gentleman in saying he is sorry if anyone was offended. For a man to say that, it shows strength of character I think.

  12. No one really cares what you have said years ago, how much in Taxes you have paid, or anything else. Just makes you understand the rest of us. Stay on point don’t let them get under your skin with all the negative crap!

  13. If we’re going to go digging into the archives, Hillary Clinton gleefully participated in — and often orchestrated — containing her husband’s many ‘Bimbo-Eruptions’ [while Governor, then President] which included persecuting any of his victims who dared open their mouths.

    At least one of them was a woman was found dead with a gunshot would to the back of her skull. She was 7-months pregnant. It was ruled a suicide. Another was brutally raped, including Bill Clinton biting hard on her lips while assaulting her. Apparently this was done by an experienced rapist to immobilize his victim. As he left, he said, “you better put some ice on that.”

    So this feigned outrage — including repeated ‘stories’ about Trump’s admittedly boorish comments even on Fox News — is all crocodile tears.

    None of this means that Hillary should be PoTUS.

  14. I am with Trump all the way everyone says things they regret later
    Action’s show the real person not the words. trump said words he said sorry.

    Hillary ‘s actions show her lies lies lies she is not fit to be president she is a criminal and not trust worthy and a theft ETC …ETC…. no vote for her

  15. democrats are desperate and are digging hard to get any dirt they can on Trump. Bill has done much worse and Hillary enabled the behavior . lets get back to the issues

  16. I will still vote for Trump. this insignificant event is not a policy issue, and not enough to criminally convict him of anything. Its just more of the same attempts to discredit a good choice for America. It lies on a natural man thing that is in a way funny to think otherwise.

  17. More worried about the things Hillary has done then I am with guys locker room talk. It does seem like the media wont to keep it going and never really talk about the things Hillary has done.

  18. What Mr. Trump said, during what he THOUGHT was a private moment, has no bearing on what he can and will do for our country when he is President. Mr. Trump STILL has my vote, and Hillary is STILL a threat to this country’s future.

  19. I would like any one in the news media male or female come forth and say that they have never trash talked in the same manner. Let him/her come forth to cast the first stone that can claim that they have the right to comment on an 11 year old recording. Stupid are the people in media that have to go back that far to find dirt. Makes me more inclined to Vote FOR Donald.

  20. TRUMP all the way There is no more REPUBLICAN PARTY. DO NOT DONATE ANYTHING TO THE RNC Donate your time and money to DONALD J TRUMP i WILL NOT VOTE FOR ANY REPUBLICAN STATE FEDERAL OR LOCAL THAT DOES NOT SUPPORT the peoples choice for PRESIDENT. I urge all TRUMP SUPPORTER’S DO DO THE SAME THING.It is OK for rap song’s ,Movies, TV to use any language and violence but not TRUMP

  21. Of course he does!!!! The real question should be, for all the Hillary supporters, is. Do they still support her after all the damming information thats been leaked about her? But of course no on bats an eye!!!

  22. I am a woman who will support Mr. Trump until the bitter end. This manufactured outrage over words stated in 2005, eleven years ago is just another indication of a Trump/Pence landslide win that just happens to surface on the evening of the day Wikileaks released 5,000 Jon Podesta emails, State Department emails which career criminal Hillary knowing deleted after having been served a court order subpoena to protect and turnover government property. I think not a valid reason to not to vote for Trump. Hillary has caused the deaths of men, women and children by her actions and needs to be held accountable. I accept his apology

      1. He’s God’s choice too?????? God loves the righteous not those who view women as so much meat to use for their own personal gratification…..

  23. He had my support even before he spoke Wasn’t my proudest moment.
    The things Hillary has done makes Charles Manson look like a choir boy.
    If the Democrats can stick by her with all she has done.
    Then the bailing Republicans needs to suck it up and stop running everytime things get a little heated.
    No wonder she can get away with her crap.
    You won’t stand with the nomination, you won’t stand for us. Actions speak louder than words, or at least I always thought. Apparently Trumps words are worse than her actions. Time for the lions to stop being lead by lambs.

  24. Gotta love the outrage from a country where 50 Shades of Grey became a NY Times best seller! No coincidence that this tape was released the same day as the thousands of damning Hillary e-mails! Trump needs to stay focused and BLAST her during the debate about how she has accepted money from countries that practice FEMALE GENITAL MUTILATION and push gays off of roof tops! Oh, and Bill performed these DISGUSTING DEEDS while IN The White House, while his way was being paid for by “We The Taxpayers”. Trump’s lewd COMMENTS were done back in 2005, while he was running his OWN business..If the shareholders are upset about this, then they should get rid of their shares in protest!

  25. Yes, Trump has my support 100%. The establishment is doing all this and they prefer KILLARY than Trump. They’re not the Republicans that I knew. They should be working and finish putting KILLARY in jail.
    Believe me they are going to continue searching for dirt on Trump, but they will not change my mind, November 8th my vote will go to Trump.

  26. I can’t cast a stone so…. Mr. Trump I still have faith in your candidacy. Just be on your game tomorrow night.. Don’t answer her insults take the high road and move on about how you can better our nation. Just answer the media when it don’t have anything with this issue. Avoid it and move on.. No one’s closet is without bones. Head up move on.

    1. Donald Trump WILL make America great again. But to be bluntly honest if he wants to keep the votes and positivity he needs to focus on ahead and on what “We The People” want and need to hear “AGENDAS” We all know the he did she did he said she said. We are fed up with all that. We want NOW and PLANS and future agendas. Let hillary be the fool she IS, we are done hearing the bs!!!! We want facts about plans, agendas and what to expect out of our new 2016 president…..THATS WHERE THE VOTES WILL GO!!!!

  27. I do not agree with what Donald Trump said a decade ago, but he did not have sex with vulnerable women, he did not prey on vulnerable women, he did not lie about sex with vulnerable women, he is not a sexual predator, he is not an embezzler like Clinton, he has not exposed or endangered our national security, he has not screwed charities, he has not blatantly lied to American people, he has not put a national debt of trillions of dollars on the head of every US citizen. So why the hell would anyone vote for a nest of Vipers that is the Clinton mafia !

  28. John 8:7New International Version (NIV)

    7 When they kept on questioning him, he straightened up and said to them, “Let any one of you who is without sin be the first to throw a stone at her.”

  29. Your actions speak louder than words. You hire women in positions that are dominated by men. You pay equal or more to your female employees. Res said you insulted, equally, men and women. You surround yourself with people who know how to get the job done, as you have said under budget and in record time. I don’t look at you as a demagogue but a person that we need at this time in this moment.

  30. Yes, you still do and i am appalled at the fact that your discussion is of such interest while Bill Clinton’s rapes and Hillary’s crimes against Americans go unchecked. The tapes reveal she is a die hard socialist and a control freak globalist… she cannot be the president of our country.

  31. The GOP incumbents who have waivered will have to look for other work. I want President Trump to have the full support of the party.

  32. Only an idiot would let these comments between two men make a difference in their candidate for President. If they jump ship from Trump to something that is proven evil, that has never cared nothing for this country. Then they never really cared about the direction that this country has been headed for 8 years. God help them.

  33. Donald Trump certainly does have my full support!

    Let’s be honest…. What Donald said more than 10 years ago was distasteful and may be offensive to some, but having said that, Donald’s comments were said in what he thought was a private conversation and probably said in fun…. In other words “Just a joke”.

    Anyhow, Donald Trump’s comments from 10 plus years ago are “NOTHING” when you compare with Hillary Clintons actions and words.

    Those who view Donald Trump differently all because of something he “SAID” such a long time ago have simply been conned, fooled and manipulated by the Mainstream Media who will make this a bigger deal than it is in order to assist Crooked Hillary in her quest to become President.

    Wake up people, Hillary is the real problem and has been for many decades

    Good Luck Donald Trump, Cheers!

  34. Trump+us=revolution against the tyranny, both Republican and democratic insiders are selling us out. No turning back….

  35. When they ask him about his comments 11rs ago, he should say “If you think what I said in private locker room banter 11 years ago is disgusting, and I do apologize for those comments, wait until you see and endure the many disgusting things that many in the refugee population have done and will do to countless women and children right here in the U.S. if Hillary is elected. Then he should go into the horrific sexual assaults committed by refugees.

  36. Let’s get real here. He said something he now regrets. EVERYONE has said something at one time or another that was either inappropriate or stupid. There’s a world of difference between saying something and say…being responsible for the deaths of people….examples, Benghazi and the growing list of people mysteriously dead that have had some association with Hillary Clinton.

  37. Damn right he does!!

    Hey ladies stop acting so hypocritical you know damn well we probably talk more about sex than guys do!!

    Search up my dad talked about it we all know Billy boy did it he’s a rapist and Hillary threatened his victims and protected the rapist nevermind the rapist of the innocent 12 year old child damn right I support Donald Trump all the way to the presidency

  38. Oh My Goodness, If half of the men in this country knew how women talk about men they would be shaking their heads it’s only “locker room talk” we do. How can so many men and women feel offended and they can sing the lyrics to songs which include worse statements.

  39. All the way! Trump for president! Who’d vote for that lying witch? If nobody got hurt by her leaked emails, how do you explain the undercover operatives who lost their lives after she passed emails with their true names and details about their missions? I still say the reason for the bleachbit was to make sure Obummer wasn’t outed as conspirators in her evil activities. That’s why he said that he’d pardon her. OK I’ll keep fighting for Trump, forever.

  40. If his comments can be held against him, and stop someone from voting for him, they are foolish!
    You want to know whats vulgar? To stay with and defend a rapist, not only defending him, but bulling the victims! That is what killery i mean Clinton has done.
    Lets not forget about the men 4 men she let be tourchered to death, her friends!
    I can not understand how anyone can want a president who has lied under oath ( if you or i did it, it would be purgery, and we would be in jail) let confidential emails be handled on a private server, and deleted them.

  41. Believe me when i say, all people (men & women) talk trash talk when in private. And anyone who says they don’t or haven’t are lying. So these people (supporters) who have backed away from Trump are all hipocrytes. Who bought 80 million copies of the book “50 shades of gray”. Women can be far worse at talking about sex than men have ever been. What women don’t look, talk and flirt? Wake up America face reality. Go Trump, at least your not getting people killed.

  42. TRUMP! 2016!!!!!!! Trump is RIGHT! Hilary has been in DC, in politics, for decades and what has she accomplished that is good? She is an elite mafia-type criminal and I care a whole hell of a lot more about what Hilary Clinton has done than what Trump has said! Hilary lies & says she is for women? After getting a 12-yr.old’s rapist off by making the 12 yr old feel she was responsible for her own rape & she trashed and buried her husband’s victims! She cares about gays? HA! In 2002, 2004, & 2010 she stated on camera she doesn’t support gay marriage. She lies, she cheats, she steals, she is constantly under investigation! People say she’s qualified? Really? How when she can’t even figure out how to use electronics and/or what is classified & what isn’t!? She couldn’t keep the men in Benghazi safe, she was scandalous using her own private server and she ditched those incriminating emails to protect her own ass! Oh and hilarious how she wants us all to believe Russia and Trump are in cahoots! OMG! Taxes? She uses all the same LEGAL tax loops all rich people do. She is a disgusting hypocrite!

  43. I would like to know how it is legal for the media to tape Trump without his knowlege, then blast it all over the media.. that seems illegal to me.. that was a private conversion between guys. they all talk garbage together… I don’t think the media has a legal right to display or advertise something said in a private context.. that’s just not right

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  45. I’m a woman and I voting Trump. I don’t care about what was on that tape.Hillary says she is for children no she’s not are she wouldn’t have put that out there for children to see. Hillary is trying to win over the mother’s and using there children to do it

  46. I’m a woman and I voting Trump. I don’t care about what was on that tape.Hillary says she is for children no she’s not are she wouldn’t have put that out there for children to see. Hillary is trying to win over the mother’s and using there children to do it

  47. So tired of the Clintons getting away with everything! I will vote for Mr.Trump period. I wish that politicians would stick with the issue of our government not mud sling! Who really cares about the recording? Not me I didn’t even want to listen to them! I look at the person! God will judge everyone on judgement day!

    1. I saw that another guy was caught using foul language on a hot mike. Why isn’t this out in the news. The guy is Chris Mathews! A good friend of the Clintons’ guess it will never come our. Is there a Love child of Bill Clintons that made a video or is it a fake???

  48. donald dont let hillery get under your skin she ante nothing but a lying bitch .we need some onethat will look russia—china —and that little boy in north korea in the eyes and tell them to push buttons and we will send them some invade our shores and fight every mother son of us.————-a vet.

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