VIDEO: BLM Horrified By Nasty Surprise Cops Had Waiting For Protest At Town Hall

A video of a violent Black Lives Matter protest is going viral, but not for the reasons they had hoped. In fact, police learned of their plans for the local Town Hall and decided to have a little surprise waiting for them. Officers should have been handling the group like this months ago.

The incident took place in Portland, Oregon as BLM protesters gathered to ruffle a few feathers inside of their Town Hall. Unfortunately for them, police soon learned of the disturbance they were creating and decided to make sure that things didn’t get out of hand.

As one would imagine, police presence only infuriated the protesters more – but these cops had a nasty surprise waiting. All caught on video, the police had permission to physically remove the protesters so that government work could resume.

With the protest turning violent, officers were forced to take things to a physical level and start removing protesters the good old fashioned way. With the hands-on approach in full effect, the group of officers began to shove the entire group of protesters right out the door.

Although some resisted by pushing back, they were quickly consumed by a group of officers and arrested. In the meantime, the rest of the officers continued to get the out-of-control group outside.

With a bit of sweat and effort, they were able to do that but had trouble closing the doors to end the dispute once and for all. During that time, protesters could be seen throwing things through the door at officers and even pouring water all over them – but then the big guns rushed in.
As can be seen coming in from the left side of the frame, officers in riot gear cleared the crowd with a few cans of pepper spray. Just like that, the group was no longer trying to force their way inside the building and retreated to hurl verbal insults only.

Personally, I believe this should be forwarded to all police departments around the nation as an official video on how to properly deal with BLM protests. The second you get violent or hinder the lives of anyone else – you’ve lost the right to “protest.” In fact, at that point, you’re not just protesting anymore.

( H/T: madworldnews )