Democratic Sen. Cory Booker Set To Testify Against Sen. Jeff Sessions

The big news of the day is Sen. Jeff Sessions’ confirmation hearing. He’s expected to be confirmed, but obviously, the entire process is essential. It’s beneficial for us to see how Trump’s Cabinet picks operate under pressure. While Sessions has been a public servant for years, we don’t usually get to see this side of him. I mean, before Trump picked him, how often did you stop throughout your day and think, “Gee. I wonder what Sessions is up to right now. Lemme check CSPAN.” I’m a political junkie, and I’ve never done that.

However, Sessions’ hearing won’t be all smooth sailing. A handful of idiotic protesters have made their appearances, and one senator is set to make an “unprecedented” move. Democratic Sen. Cory Booker is planning to testify against Sessions, even though he has absolutely no reasonable basis to do so.

Did you hear that? Even he doesn’t seem to know why he’s doing it. Notice that he brags about how he’s breaking Senate tradition by testifying against another sitting senator. He’s really proud of that.

If you think Booker’s motivated by anything other than self-promotion, you’re wrong. This is a political move. Booker’s setting himself up for some sort of future run. (Perhaps 2020?) He wants to be able to say, “Hey! I made history by testifying against another sitting senator (who was a racist, obvi).”

Oh. Rep. John Lewis will testify against Sessions too. Because why the heck not?

Just for fun, here’s an inconvenient flashback to last year, when Sen. Booker expressed how awesome it was to work with Sessions in order to honor civil rights activists.

It’s almost like his plan to testify against Sessions is a giant politically motivated stunt.