Right After Announcing Pregnancy, Trump’s Son And Daughter-in-Law Got Horrible News – PLEASE PRAY!

Earlier today, President Donald Trump’s son Eric and his wife, made an amazing announcement that they are adding a boy to the Trump Family. Eric and Lara made this wonderful announcement from their vacation spot in Aspen, Colorado, and received MILLIONS of congratulations messages from the entire country. As soon as this exciting news had been released, something very disturbing came out from the liberals.

Their slander just hit the lowest level possible when the leftists attacked the unborn child. However, it should come as no surprise, since the liberals are going after his grandfather’s name. But what they are saying to the unborn child is grossly unacceptable,

Daily Caller reports that moments after the couple released this exciting news, Twitter was ablaze with messages for the parents-to-be, not all of which were in good faith.

The hate was hostile enough when the couple announced it, but when President Trump chimed in with his congratulations, the depraved remarks took a turn for the worst with a really immature twist.