САUGHT HIМ! Hеrе’ѕ Тhе Тrаitоr Whо Lеаkеd Тrump’ѕ Тrаnsсripts Tо Тhе Wаѕhingtоn Pоst

After a chaotic week at the White House, it seems as if good news have started to stack up just one day before President Donald Trump is scheduled to take a 17-day vacation to his New Jersey golf club, first with the president announcing that our nation has achieved new heights in the field of economy and business, and now, having discovered new information about the infamous White House transcripts leaker.

As most of us are familiar, the White House leaker which was speculated to be one of Trump’s top officials, causing mass hysteria and even spreading false information at one point. But now, it has turned out to be Megan Badasch, the individual responsible for forcing out pro-Trump NSC’er Tera Dahl. Badasch was reportedly responsible for editing and managing them the transcripts leaked to the Washington Post.

The news were broken down by writer, social media personality and conspiracy theorist, Mike Cernovich who took it to Twitter this Thursday afternoon to reveal the shocking information to the public.

The leaker has caused serious trouble and even managed to impair the work of the Trump administration several times.

For now, there have been no details released on how Badasch managed to do such a thing and what was the motive behind it all, nor what will happen to her position next, but more updates are sure to follow.