Whаt Nеwt Gingriсh Juѕt Аnnоunсеd оn Livе ТV Will Mаkе Тrump Jump Fоr Jоy!

Republicans have been having some problems with the way Robert Mueller has been conducting the Russia investigation and for good reason. This has been a witch hunt from the very beginning. It is looking more and more like a liberal set up every day. But Trump has some back up. Newt Gingrich has been by his side ever since he took office. Newt has now come out with a huge statement on what is really going on here. He went on Fox News to talk about Mueller and what he has done to this investigation.

“You look at the governor of West Virginia who switched parties from Democrat to Republican because of Trump, and you suddenly think Trump somehow just keeps grinding forward. He is making progress every week, he is getting things done, he is beginning to move towards the tax cut bill that will be historic. He has gotten more judges approved than Obama had at this point. So, despite everything, I think the Trump system is gradually beginning to work.

There are many things that Trump should be proud of doing. We cannot pay attention to the liberal media for our news. It seems like it has been getting worse and worse ever since he started. At this point, it is completely out of hand. Liberals have no respect for Trump or his administration and think that they can do or say whatever they want.

But they need to realize, this is not going to continue to happen because Trump will not put up with it for very much longer. The Russia investigation has been pushed to its limit. There will be a point in which the investigation cannot go any further. The liberals have moved on to reporting on straight lies and nothing else.

Luckily Trump still does has a few people that he can trust. Maybe he should find a place on his administration for Newt Gingrich. He would be a great man to have around. Gingrich has come out numerous times, firing back at the hate that the liberals spew. It is about time.

(h/t Twitter)