Russia Prоbе Is Оvеr – Grand Jury Sесrеt Lеakеd!!

If there is someone thrilled about Trump being investigated, it is definitely the liberal media. They have been cheering on Robert Mueller to carry out the investigation, hoping to dig out dirt that simply does not exist.

Also, they have been pushing for impeachment, although the grounds for this are totally unfounded.

Now, the media are reporting that a grand jury could inspect the evidence collected from Mueller’s case. Their sad, and almost pathetic goals are getting them nowhere, expect to a colossal disappointment.

Liberal supporters have also been encouraging the media to spread lie after lie in order to bash Trump and take over the power lost with Obama’s departure.

The Russia investigation is, indeed, a mere witch hunt, that will lead them to a dead end, thus all the money, nerves and effort spent on this illusion is basically in vain.

After Trump’s leaked phone calls with world leaders surfaced on the media- or were leaked to be exact- the entire situation escalated even more, leaving the Democrats fishing in blind.

The one this Trump needs to do now is play this one out carefully and strategically, so the grand jury and the rest of the liberals are left without nothing but a false hope of gaining power.