ЈUST IN: Тrump Јust Gоt The Best News оf His Presidency – Lооk Whаt Hаppened Tо him tоdаy

Alan Dershowitz, a Democratic Harvard law professor has attemlted to analyze the overall situation with North Korea by reviewing President Donald Trump’s way of handling the threats from the war crazed dictator. Dershowitz pointed out during his review that the POTUS has more credibility than his predecessor Barack Obama, when comparing to how Obama handled the situation with Syria.

Alan went on to explain how “One hopes that the president is not doing what President Obama did years ago when he created a red line with Syria, and then it failed to comply. I think that probably President Trump at this point has more credibility.”

He went on to explain how his credibility comes from being so unpredictable on his take of North Korea’s threats, compared with other presidents that have spoken lightly instead of forcefully and loudly depending on the situatuon.

“So, I’m going to wait and see how it plays out before trying to second guess. What I don’t like is Congress coming in now and trying to pass legislation precluding the president from taking military action if necessary.” added Dershowitz, saying that would doing so would impair the POTUS’ work and decision-making process which would affect the overall national security of our nation.

Despite the criticism thrown at Trump for his harsh take on the North’s threats, it is always good to see that there are still Demoracts who see things through rationally and support him, unlike the liberal snowflakes like Rosie O’Donnell who went as far as to tremble and apoloize to Kim Jong-un for the actions of the administration.