МЅNBC Hoѕt Brutаlly Аttаckеd Prеѕidеnt Тrump On Livе ТV аѕ Мillionѕ Of Аmеricаnѕ Wаtchеd In Horror

Since Donald Trump has taken office, he has been attacked constantly by the liberals for just about anything he does. It is getting to the point now where liberals tell straight lies to get their agenda pushed as far as it can go. The liberal media has been joining in on the occasion as well.

Now there is a new insult that is going around for President Trump. MSNBC guest Donny Deutsch has officially called Trump a racist. This is coming in at the same time there are white nationalists running the streets in packs. Everyone is trying to blame all of this on President Trump even though he had nothing to do with it.

As soon as the protesters started getting violent with each other, the police intervened. That is what should have happened. And yet, there are many liberals that are still trying to tell the police that they should have done more. One woman was killed after a car rammed into protesters.

Donny Deutsch went on “Morning Joe” and called the President a “pathetic, sniveling little man” and a “coward” as he was on the network. This is the kind of insult that has become commonplace between the president and the liberals. He has gotten used to it at this point.

“He is a racist. Can we just say it once and for all, when we look at his history? When we look at the housing issues when you look where he’s talked about reverse discrimination against whites, the birther movement,” he explains. This is total disrespect for the president of the United States.
“We have a racist as a president. A man who cannot stand up and condemn the Ku Klux Klan and Nazism is a racist.”

This are lies. President has done nothing but try to do good for the country. In no way has he shown that he is a racist. That is a total lie and should not have been said in the first place. More needs to be done to protect him from this kind of hate.

What do you think?

(h/t IJR)