Hеartbrеaking Annоuncеmеnt Abоut Mеlania’ѕ Lifе – Lооk What’ѕ Happеning With Hеr…

As we know by now, First Lady Melania Trump has stayed largely out of the spotlight compared to the previous FLOTUS, Michelle Obama. And as many media outlets are reporting, the reason for this has been revealed.

AOL reports that a very close friend to Melania said she’s having trouble adjusting to her new life and that she finds her new role – First Lady of the United States – tiring.
Her longtime friend Federico Pignatelli reportedly stated: “She feels the pressure. She always has to be kind, perfect, well-dressed, well-everything. It’s tiring. It’s a tough schedule. She has to be a mother, a first lady, the wife of a man as well.”
She also went as far as to confirm rumors that President Trump and Melania doesn’t seem to sleep in the same bed…

“She has her own space and he has his own space,” Pignatelli said. “And they can sleep together a few nights and other nights not.”

This comes after it was rumored Melania will soon be making announcement relative to her initiatives focused on while in her executive branch position.

“The First Lady continues to be thoughtful about her initiatives, and we look forward to announcing something in the coming weeks,” spokesperson Stephanie Grisham stated. “As for details of that ‘something,’ it is safe to say that Mrs. Trump is very focused on the health and well-being of children.”

Let’s not forget that our First Lady is a frequent subject of attacks from vile liberals. A couple of weeks ago, the famous liberal hosts from ABC’s show “The View” mercilessly attacked Melania for supposedly “not speaking” English.
“I bet they’ll let them in if they speak Russian,” said one of the women from “The View” Joy Behar.

The other host, Sunny Hostin added: “You know, I took personal offense to it because many people know Spanish is my first language. I learned English when I was five. The suggestion somehow that you have to speak English in order to merit being an American, it’s just shocking to me.”
Behar responded: “But you know what, even the president doesn’t have basic English skills. I mean when you think about it. He doesn’t have — he speaks — the way he talks, he doesn’t know the difference between — what was it? Presidential and precedential by the way.”

“And his wife who is also an immigrant doesn’t speak perfect English,” said Hostin.
“But she speaks Russian,” said Behar.

Let’s show our support to Melania Trump and let her know that she is a GREAT First Lady!