СNN Repоrtеr Landѕ In Houѕtоn – Getѕ ВRUTAL SURPRIЅЕ Frоm Fеd-Up Teхаns

A cocky CNN reporter was forced to leave the liberal bubble of New York, Los Angeles, and Washington D.C. when he headed to Texas to cover Hurricane Harvey. When he got there, he was given a nasty surprise from Texans that he was never expecting.

Breitbart reported that CNN’s Nick Valencia showed how out of touch he is with real Americans when he was booed by Texas upon his arrival to cover President Donald Trump landing in the Lone Star State.

“I just walked on the tarmac to cover @realDonaldTrump‘ visit to Corpus and was heckled by a crowd shouting derogatory things. Unbelievable,” Valencia wrote.

Clearly, Valencia has been in his liberal bubble for so long that he actually thinks most Americans respect his network. In reality, most of us agree with Trump that CNN really is FAKE NEWS! Twitter users immediately let Valencia know that he got what he deserved:

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