ЈUSTICЕ IЅ ЅЕRVED: МuEller Јuѕt Rесeived ТHЕ WОRSТ NЕWЅ PОЅSIBLE Аnd Тrump Саn’t Ѕtоp Ѕmiling!

Let’s be honest. Robert Mueller was a terrible pick to be a special prosecutor to investigate President Trump’s connection with Russia. He is known to be a very close friend to Former FBI Director James Comey, and that says more than enough for the whole story.

The fact that the main actor is a best friend with somebody that is a very important part for the whole story to unravel and for the truth to become public. And is anyone who dislikes President Trump more than Hillary Clinton is James Comey himself.

Appointing Mueller as a special counsel was a terrible mistake by the Democrats as they will soon find out that there is not a single evidence that President Trump was connected to Russia and now they probably will turn to the Michael Flynn case where James Comey’s testimony is essential to the whole investigation.

Representative Andy Biggs had some sharp words to say about Robert Mueller as a special counsel.

The Hill reported: His ability to be impartial is doubtful because he has surrounded himself with highly partisan lawyers who make a special practice to line the coffers of Democrats. This investigation should not be centered around President Trump, as multiple high-ranking officials, including Mr. Comey and former Director of National Security Intelligence James Clapper, have stated that they have not seen any evidence that he colluded with Russia or that he was under investigation.

If Mueller wants to do any good he should just resign from his position as this whole investigation is in vain.

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